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10th Society And Materials International Conference - SAM 10

9-10 May 2016, Rome, Italy


CNR, National Research Council of Italy - Aula Convegni

Piazzale A. Moro,7

00185 Rome, Italy


As part of the Social Value of Materials (SOVAMAT) initiative (, SAM conferences address the issues of sustainability assessment of processes and products in order to foster interaction of soft and hard sciences. It brings together an interdisciplinary research community to discuss new sustainability metrics developments extending beyond common LCA (life-cycle assessment), strategies of sustainable development and societal engagement in materials Research and Innovation. We encourage the participation of social scientists, process and material engineers, researchers, industrial ecologists, LCA, MFA (material flow analysis) and SA (sustainability analysis) practitioners, political scientists and economists interested in communicating and disseminating innovative ideas on these topics.

Call for papers deadline: January, 8th 2016

Fields of application:

Infrastructure and Mobility for Sustainable Cities

Food, Health, Biodiversity & Ecosystem Services

Resources, Biomass & Land Use

Sustainability and Eco-design of processes, products and services

Climate Change, Energy Transition and materials

Materials, ICT(Information and Communication Technologies) and Security

Materials and other Societal Challenges


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